A lot of people ask me what equipment I use to create my videos on YouTube videos and live streams. I’m a very minimal person. I try not to own much equipment, or possessions in general. The more stuff I have, the more I have to lug around, it’s a pain.

I still use my first GoPro camera as my primary camera, and it’s what I’ve filmed 99% of my content on – just the camera, no external microphone or anything else. In the beginning, I was even borrowing my friend’s computer to edit. I literally only had a GoPro.

I tell you this because the equipment you use does not matter. I made videos with millions of views with just an idea, my GoPro, and a borrowed computer!

The story you’re telling is what matters the most! I’ve seen travel vloggers make stunningly beautiful vlogs… but there was no personality or story in the video, so they only had a few hundred views. A story is everything, not equipment.

Recently, I’ve begun to buy more equipment to increase the quality of my live streams and social media posts. But still, the GoPro is my go-to camera for most of my work.

YouTube Video Equipment

YouTube Live Stream Equipment

Social Media Equipment


  1. Hello Karl,
    I love India. I spent a wonderful full year there in 1971, mainly on foot, wandering and living in the villages. I’m from the UK, and then with a UK passport there were no visa restrictions. I have been several times there since then but for shorter periods under the present visa restrictions caused by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s. Mainly for three month or three week periods.

    I have a major yearning to spend my time there now on a much more permanent basis, but there really does not seem to get around the visa requirements. I would be very grateful for any advises.

    Best wishes

  2. Hello, karl I’m from Delhi i just want to meet you once please contact me i’m your biggest fan I watch your video evry day and whenever I feel low your video help me out to see my own city in different ways I just want to thank you. Please reply me back.
    With love tanvee

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