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Diu shore line. Photo by Karl Rock.
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Highlights of Stunning Daman & Diu

Of all India’s union territories. Daman & Diu is the most significant place. Located in Gujarat, the small coastal island towns are outlined by the vast Arabian Sea. They are both separated from each other by a distance of more than 600 km, but yet, they’re addressed together as one […]

Ellora Caves
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Top 5 Mysterious Places in India

India is the land of mysteries and fantastic stories. In every city of every state in India, when you ask the locals, they will have some mysterious happenings to recount about their area. That is just how India is. Maybe it’s the land of superstitious beliefs, but maybe there is […]

Kerala Backwaters
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Top 8 Highlights of South India

South India is nature’s gift to the country. The few states in the southern part of India are rich in their distinct culture and heritage. They have their unique cuisines. But one thing that is common to all these states is their natural beauty. The lush greenery and calmness of […]

North India
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Top 8 Highlights of North India

The northern part of India is like it’s crown. Filled with forts, monuments and palaces, North India speaks volumes about the imperial past of our beautiful country. Foreign tourists love to visit North India because of this old-fashioned charm that it holds. There is so much to see in North […]

Amber Fort
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The 6 Oldest Forts in India

Old forts are something that I love, and thankfully, India is full of such ruined forts. These forts give us a glimpse of India’s past, a past that has always been majestic. You will feel like being transported back in time, and for me, it’s the best feeling ever. If […]

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Top 4 Places To Visit Near Jaipur

When on a trip to one of the most majestic states in Indian, Rajasthan. Do not overlook the villages and towns which hold the key to the past and are still untouched by the modern world. You don’t have to go far to visit them either. They are just a one or […]

The Indian Flag on top of Red Fort
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Top 5 Most Popular Attractions in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of all the cultural and religious diversity seen around the country. Filled with monuments, tombs, temples, mosques, churches, parks and small markets, you can never finish it all in one day. But there are certain places here that are must-see, and I am going to list […]