Periyar National Park
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Top 8 Natural Attractions of India

India’s natural attraction is not only constituted in its incredible scenic beauty but also for its sheer variety of flora and fauna. As such, there are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves set up by the government to preserve these species. Some of these places not only […]

Kerala Backwaters
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Top 8 Highlights of South India

South India is nature’s gift to the country. The few states in the southern part of India are rich in their distinct culture and heritage. They have their unique cuisines. But one thing that is common to all these states is their natural beauty. The lush greenery and calmness of […]

North India
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Top 8 Highlights of North India

The northern part of India is like it’s crown. Filled with forts, monuments and palaces, North India speaks volumes about the imperial past of our beautiful country. Foreign tourists love to visit North India because of this old-fashioned charm that it holds. There is so much to see in North […]

Badrinath Temple
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An Overview of the Char Dham Pilgrimage

Char Dham translates to the four holy abodes. Char Dham is to the Hindus what Mecca is to Muslims. According to the Hindus, there are four Yug or time periods. In each Yug, Lord Vishnu incarnates to destroy the evil. All the four pilgrimage sites, therefore, have a significance to […]

Khajuraho Temples
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The Most Majestic Temples in India

It is a painstaking task to take the thousands of temples in India and shortlist a few of them. India is the land of temples. Many famous philosophers and scientists have written about its spiritual richness. All the temples have mythological stories associated with them. Therefore, I am going to […]