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India’s Top 6 Luxurious Hotels, Resorts & Palaces

In India, luxury is defined by royalty. Many international celebrities including members of royal families have opted to spend their time in Indian resorts. The service that you get here is world-class. All the luxury accommodations are built keeping in mind the heritage of the country, and they will make […]

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The Best Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Delhi is phenomenal. It is a metropolitan city. It has varied cultures and a multitude of places to visit. But sometimes, you might feel like you need to get away from all the hustle-bustle and traffic. If you are a resident of Delhi or just a traveller who has the […]

Shantaram books. Photo by Siddhesh Mangela.

Page Turning Books Set in India That All Travellers Should Read

India has always contributed abundantly to literature. Ancient Vedas and epics are still read worldwide. After the colonial period, many international writers began to write about fictional or real accounts with India as their background. These novels were bestsellers. Now, many books written by Indian authors for international audiences are […]

Ellora Caves
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Top 5 Mysterious Places in India

India is the land of mysteries and fantastic stories. In every city of every state in India, when you ask the locals, they will have some mysterious happenings to recount about their area. That is just how India is. Maybe it’s the land of superstitious beliefs, but maybe there is […]

Periyar National Park
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Top 8 Natural Attractions of India

India’s natural attraction is not only constituted in its incredible scenic beauty but also for its sheer variety of flora and fauna. As such, there are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves set up by the government to preserve these species. Some of these places not only […]

Kerala Backwaters
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Top 8 Highlights of South India

South India is nature’s gift to the country. The few states in the southern part of India are rich in their distinct culture and heritage. They have their unique cuisines. But one thing that is common to all these states is their natural beauty. The lush greenery and calmness of […]