Mysore Palace
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Top 5 Things To See in Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the most naturally gifted states in India. Situated in South-west India, this large state has a rich cultural heritage. Filled with high round hills, valleys and palaces, it is a tourist hub. There is a lot to see here. The climate is cool and soothing. The […]

Jain Temple, Gujarat
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Top 5 Places You Cannot Miss in Gujarat

Gujarat is India’s westernmost state. Gujarat has a vibrant culture that’s fascinating to observe. Situated next to the Arabian Sea, Gujarat is blessed with beautiful landscapes. You might not find as much greenery here as you would in the Southern states yet Gujarat as a state takes a lot of […]

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5 Amazing Indian Festivals You Must Go To

When you arrive in India, you’ll realise that there will be a festival almost every month. Usually, these are based on religious and cultural beliefs and sometimes, even to mark the onset or culmination of the harvesting season. Most of these festivals don’t have a fixed date. Their date is […]

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Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacker Hostels in Delhi

Unlike Mumbai, it’s not very difficult to find a backpacker hostel in Delhi. The only trouble is that the prices are a little more on the costlier side in the capital. But nevertheless, all the best hostels of the country are in Delhi. You might face certain inconveniences in other […]

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Top 5 Budget Friendly Backpacker Hostels in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams in India. Everyone wants to live here. All the Bollywood celebrities stay here. It can offer you anything from basics to luxury. A very familiar phrase that Indians like to say about Mumbai is that “Mumbai kabhi nahi soti”, which means that Mumbai never […]