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Hut on the countryside
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The Highlights of Unexplored Meghalaya, India

Meghalaya is famed for being known as the wettest place on the planet. It’s always raining here, and as a result, it’s full of dense tropical forests, waterfalls and streams. Meghalaya is also quite a mountainous area, and much of the state is still occupied by tribal communities like Khasi, […]

Caves of Meghalaya
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The Most Visited Caves in Meghalaya

Exploring caves in Meghalaya is an incredibly fun experience. But at the same time, it can be very daunting and eerie. Given the fact that Meghalaya has a rugged and mountainous terrain, there are supposedly more than 1000 caves here. It is also one of the top 10 destinations for […]

Buddha statue in Sikkim. Photo by Karl Rock.
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Don’t Miss These Places in Sikkim

Among the seven North-Eastern states of India, perhaps none are as unforgettable as Sikkim. Bordered by China, Bhutan and Nepal with the incredible Kanchenjunga Ranges domineering over the state, it’s nothing less than culturally and aesthetically magnificent. If you plan on visiting North-East India, also read about the┬áBest Places to […]

Main road Gangtok, Sikkim. Photo by Karl Rock..
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Things to Do When in Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, one of the most mesmerising North-Eastern states in India. The capital city is very scenic. Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and situated at a considerably high altitude, Gangtok acts as an ideal place for relaxation and a place for attaining oneness with nature. It […]

Temples in Tamil Naidu. Photo by Karl Rock.
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The Most Amazing Temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has 33,000 temples to be precise. It comes as no shock because it is a land of high religious significance and spirituality. It also has a rich cultural history as mentioned in the Sangam literature (South Indian’s ancient literature). All of these features have allowed Tamil Nadu to […]