Deserted Race. Painting by: Narendra Panchal

KalaaKaarts – An Artistic Collaboration

KalaaKaarts is a blend of experiential activities, and artistic exhibitions, as the name itself, is a blend of an artist and their art, “Kalaakaar” (कलाकार) – an Artist and “arts” – the Art. It is a platform that was established for exhibiting and selling Narendra Panchal’s artwork, which emerged out to […]

Movie still from Airlift

5 Must-See Bollywood Movies for Bollywood Newbies

Bollywood. That’s what I and billions of other Indians grew up watching. When you first begin to watch Bollywood, you’ll surely be confused. Always remember that the criteria of a movie turning a blockbuster in India is quite different than that of Hollywood and many other countries. But now, with […]

A still from Eat Pray Love

The Best English Movies Set in India

Over the past decade or so, there have been many changes in the film industry. One cannot help but notice that this industry is finally taking up an international approach rather than being confined to one’s own country. Given this, many English movies have used India as their primary location […]

Film crew on location in India. Photo by David Alexander Elder.

5 Hollywood Movies Copied from Bollywood

Although Hollywood is the greatest movie industry in the world, Bollywood seems to be quickly catching up. There have been numerous Hindi remakes of Hollywood movies but do you know that the vice-versa also happens? Certain English movies have taken inspiration from Bollywood or South Indian films. This is not […]

Shantaram books. Photo by Siddhesh Mangela.

Page Turning Books Set in India That All Travellers Should Read

India has always contributed abundantly to literature. Ancient Vedas and epics are still read worldwide. After the colonial period, many international writers began to write about fictional or real accounts with India as their background. These novels were bestsellers. Now, many books written by Indian authors for international audiences are […]